Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coming of Age for Girls 2011

Your community hasn’t truly became a family until each and every person can rightfully say they crossed a small wooden bridge 20 feet above a gushing river in the pitch black night, clutching on to each other for support; and everyone can speak from their hearts without fear of judgment.

We came into Journeys as individuals we all had our talents, our memories, our strengths and weaknesses. We learned to work off and with one another. Our time here has shown us really what we can do if we push ourselves.

There’s 22 days of our Journeys adventure, and it was fun while it lasted
So many memories, and so many moments that we didn’t know how to spend it
Except for:
Singing in the car to ninja training,
or powering through those three miles (da da da)
Rolling our ankles and craving chips,
And Cici farts for an hour!
Licking peanut butter, off of all our tarps,
or caring for Jeffrey all day (not again!)
Sitting in princess chairs, crossing a bridge at night
or driving our mentors insane (GIRLS!)
As you can see there ‘aint no ponies, on pony bridge!
So come along ‘cause all us girls are gonna make it last!
Yeah come along ‘cause all us girls are gonna do it all!

Thank you to our mentors and the Journeys staff for making this journey possible.

Kenzi, Tovia, Francesca, Raven, Cici, and Belly