Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coming of Age for Girls II, Ages 12 - 14

We had a great time! Our journey was filled with laughter, challenges, and deep meaning. We had highs and lows and everything in between that makes for a transformative journey. Here are a few things the participants said about this trip:

"I've learned to love myself on the inside just as much as on the out. This journey was life-changing. Now I know there is more to life than meets the eye." -Participant, age 13

"During my trip, I went in the forest, through the mountains, walked on amazing beaches, and hiked next to incredible waterfalls. I learned a lot about myself, inner and outer - wise, and I am so glad I got to have the experience and opportunity to do so." - Participant, age 14

"I learned that when things get hard, keep on going--don't stop. My favorite part of this trip was Sacred Groves and the solo." - Participant, age 13

"I have gone on three Journeys trips and every one has been a life-changing, wonderful experience."
- Participant, age 13

"I learned I am much stronger than I thought I was. I think my most challenging moment on this trip was the solo but I think it only made me stronger and I will remember this trip forever." - Participant, age 13

Our Song: "Hike With Me"

If you wanna go take a hike with me

Come get on the trail and follow me

Oh why did I slip and fall

Must be muddy!

If you wanna go set up a tarp with me

Go get the P-Cord and find a tree

Go crawl in your sleeping bag

Let’s get cozy!

If you have to go and take a poop

Just grab the orange shovel and scoop, scoop, scoop

Oh what is your rating today?

Must be a twenty!

If you want to go and build a fire with me

Just grab some kindling and build a teepee

Oh why won’t the lighter work?

Must be too windy!

If you wanna go and take a solo

Stop eating, drink water and go, go, go

Oh why do I feel so hungry?

Must be my tummy!

If you wanna get past the tide

Just take off your pack and start to climb.

Oh why is this so easy?

Must be Jerry!

Our trip has been fun, we got a lotta sun

But now it’s done and we gotta run

And we feel like a family

Must be the Journey!

- Introductions of Participants and Staff -
I’m Dominae

And we’re the Funky Bunch

And we’re guaranteed to be better than your lunch

Give me my chili and I’ll shout a little louder

I’m Kayley Bug and I’m a backcountry thug

And I’ve learned a lot about myself and love

Anya’s my name, Backcountry’s my game

My trail name is Ashton and I hike with a passion

My Name is Frida and I aint no reada

It ain’t no lie that I make a good stir fry

My name is Joy Duncan. I like to eat

And when I go to sleep I get cold feet.

My name is Melissa I can rhyme any word

I am a songbird and I lead the herd.

I’m Home Skillet and this is my crew

And our community sticks together like glue.

My name is Katie and they call me ladybug

If you’re hiking up the ladder I give you a tug.

Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care.

And if you think our rap is dope

And that’s no joke

Everybody say O-Yayer.